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May 22, 2014 / diannegray

Writing a good ending

While procrastinating pondering on the ending of my new book The Devil Seam I’ve chosen to do a lot of things I wouldn’t normally do (washing clothes, vacuuming floors, repainting a wall here and there, staring blankly at the sugar cane flowers, watching the weeds grow) – you know, the sorts of things that help put off the inevitable.

Cane flowers 009

View from the veranda – the sugar cane in flower!

View from the ground looking up - yikes it's tall!

View from the ground looking up – yikes it’s tall!

Don't leave your vehicle parked in my yard for too long, or nature will reclaim it

Watch those weeds grow! Don’t leave your vehicle parked in my yard for too long or nature will reclaim it.

I spend a lot of time thinking about the ending of my novels because I absolutely love a good ending. I also believe if someone is going to invest time and money to read a book, I really think they should get bang for their buck and feel like they’ve been thoroughly entertained when they read those last words. My greatest satisfaction is the thought of someone getting to the end of one of my stories and saying ‘WOW!’

There are about three good scenarios to end The Devil Seam and I’m trying to decide which one I should use.

In the meantime, the indecision on the ending is distracting me so much that I decided to set it aside for a few days and spend some time putting excerpts of my other novels on Goodreads and WordPress. They are only one or two pages long so if you’ve got a moment feel free to have a read.

Do you like a good ending in a movie or book? Do you find it hard to write endings, or do you start at the end and work backwards?


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  1. francisguenette / May 22 2014 7:20 am

    I love a good ending. I’ve been known to throw a novel against the wall if the author drops the ball at the end – of course, that all ended with the advent of Kindle. Oh well. I usually know the ending of my books and stories before I get there but sometimes the characters surprise me with the way they take over and have their own say about things. Good luck with your three choices.


    • diannegray / May 22 2014 7:25 am

      Thanks, Francis. I usually have an ending in place but sometimes the characters take over (which is what has happened here). I totally understand the ‘throwing against the wall’ scenario (lol) – not with the kindle though! 😉


  2. JackieP / May 22 2014 7:21 am

    Most times I know the beginning and the end of my stories, it’s the middle that gets me lol
    I do love a great ending in a book or movie. Even serial books I think should have good endings, I like when a book can stand on its own, even if in a serial. I hate cliff hangers and then have to wait a year or two for the next book. Very irritating.


    • diannegray / May 22 2014 7:28 am

      I find the same with TV a series. It’s frustrating getting to the end and saying ‘nooooooo!’ particularly when it’s the season end of the series and you have to wait months. This is the reason I avoid serial books (I’m too impatient). I think sometimes I’m the only person on earth who won’t pick up a serial book 😉


  3. Ruth Rainwater / May 22 2014 8:05 am

    I start writing with a vague idea for a story and go from there. I never know what’s going to happen in the story and once had to threaten to kill off all my characters and find new ones because the current ones were totally silent and not doing anything. And yes, it worked! I feel as if I’m merely the conduit for the characters to tell their story, so the ending happens when it happens. That being said, I hate dangling endings – I like things neatly resolved.

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    • diannegray / May 22 2014 8:35 am

      I think threatening to kill off all your characters is a great way to get them motivated! LOL – what a fabulous comment 😀


  4. Carrie Rubin / May 22 2014 8:20 am

    So far I haven’t had to struggle to find an ending, but I haven’t completed that many novels. But I like to have an idea of how the book will end before I even get started. A better ending may come along, and I can change it if I want, but it helps to have a general idea of where I’m going.

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    • diannegray / May 22 2014 8:36 am

      I knew where I was going all the way through the story, but then a character entered and changed what I thought would happen in the end. These damn characters – they’re just out of control sometimes! LOL 😀


      • Carrie Rubin / May 22 2014 8:40 am

        They are, aren’t they? There should be a character time-out spot on Scrivener.

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      • diannegray / May 22 2014 12:19 pm

        LOL! 😀


  5. nrhatch / May 22 2014 8:26 am

    A good ending is so much more satisfying than a lackluster one. I don’t mind open-ended endings that are left to the readers imagination as long as all the loose ends have been tied up and the characters are sailing off into the sunset.

    An unsatisfying ending makes me sorry I put the time in to read the book (or watch the movie).

    I love that you’re giving the ending serious thought and hope you end up with the perfect ending.


  6. Pagadan / May 22 2014 8:39 am

    A book is disappointing if it doesn’t have a satisfying ending Ditto for a movie. You can tell when they didn’t know how to end it…


    • diannegray / May 22 2014 12:18 pm

      You certainly can tell. I found that with The Horse Whisperer. It was almost like the publisher had said, ‘quick – finish it today so we can get it out!’ LOL 😀 Very disappointing ending …


      • the eternal traveller / May 22 2014 9:15 pm

        I felt the same when I saw the movie “Blue Jasmine”. It was like Woody Allen said, “This movie has gone on long enough. Now it’s over. The End.” It was a terrible ending.


  7. Theo Fenraven / May 22 2014 8:53 am

    I just wrote the end to a story. I didn’t realize I was there until I took a second look and said, “That’s it. Done.” Sometimes one knows exactly when and where to end a book.


    • diannegray / May 22 2014 12:19 pm

      Oh, Theo – I’m so jealous! I wish this story would do that to me 😉


  8. Jill Weatherholt / May 22 2014 9:12 am

    I don’t want to put extra pressure on you, Dianne, but a good ending is a make or break decision as to whether or not I purchase the writer’s next book.
    I like an ending that makes me feel good. If I want unhappy endings, I just watch the news.
    Recently, I wrote a short story where I knew the ending, but nothing before.
    Good luck…I’m sure you’ll figure it out and it will be wonderful.
    Thanks for posting the sugar cane photos…I just love your photos!


    • diannegray / May 22 2014 12:22 pm

      Thanks so much, Jill. The sugar cane flowers have come up very quickly and they make all the fields look so beautiful! 😀

      I know what you mean by the good ending (yes – the news can be very depressing). Sometimes I know the ending before I start writing, but this one is causing me a bit of grief because I know only one of the characters needs to come out of this alive, but I’ve got the feeling they both should. Who knows? 😀


  9. ygm17 / May 22 2014 9:15 am

    You’re not procastinating 🙂 you’re letting the story marinade! I do that All The Time. LOVE your pics 🙂 I love clever endings. That clever twist at the end always seals the deal for me. Also let me just say that Nick Landau sounds like a dish YUM! (yes, I know – I’m a child) and I’ll be joining him on his monster hunt. Your writing is wonderfully evocative!


    • diannegray / May 22 2014 12:26 pm

      Awww – thank you my darling. Yes – I like Nick Landau as well (I often fall in love with my leading guys!) I based him on my hubby because he has a very similar past (that would make a good story on it’s own!) 😉

      I love the way you use the word marinade – brilliant! 😀


  10. John / May 22 2014 9:16 am

    I hope you figure it out. Sometimes the best way to decide things is to walk away from them for a bit. Maybe you can free that van from the clutches of the Earth while you wait!


    • diannegray / May 22 2014 12:27 pm

      I should free the van and take it for a drive (except I think it may be a home for snakes at the moment) LOL 😉

      I’m walking away from the story for a while to clear my head. I’m sure the ending will be good, if not I’ll re-write the entire thing 😀


  11. Amy Reese / May 22 2014 9:20 am

    I love good endings, especially the ones I don’t expect! Those are hard to write. I struggle with endings, or maybe just all of it! I do what you do. Just meditate on it and let the story rest for a bit. Best of luck with it, Dianne.


    • diannegray / May 22 2014 12:28 pm

      Thanks, Amy. Take deep breaths and meditate over it for a while. I’m sure I’ll decide soon 😉


  12. Jenny Ackland / May 22 2014 9:22 am

    I remember bad or disappointing endings, they really sting. Tim Winton’s The Riders is one that pops to mind, another is Ian McEwan’s A Child in Time (not really the ending there but more the lack of satisfaction in terms of finding out ‘What Happened.’) I don’t mind ambiguity if it works though. And ending doesn’t have to answer all the questions and wrap up with a bow.

    Love your pictures, what a spot to live!


    • diannegray / May 22 2014 12:41 pm

      You’re so right, Jenny. I think of The Horse Whisperer that ended so abruptly I felt as if I’d been slapped in the face. I haven’t read The Riders or a Child in Time, but won’t be any time soon 😉

      The flowers on the sugar cane are fantastic! 😀


  13. Jacqui Murray / May 22 2014 11:11 am

    Oh yes, the things that become oh so important when we’re trying to wrap up a story. Great post.


    • diannegray / May 22 2014 12:41 pm

      Thanks, Jacqui! The wrap-up means a lot to me 🙂


  14. EllaDee / May 22 2014 11:20 am

    I prefer a good ending, one that makes sense but sometimes, as in the notable case of The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox, by Maggie O’Farrell, the perceived wrong ending can really work. We read it for book club, universally loved the book and characters but thought the ending ‘wasn’t right’ but a ‘wasn’t right’ that didn’t detract from the book at all… Other reviews I’ve read concur.


    • diannegray / May 22 2014 12:54 pm

      I haven’t read The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox, but I find it interesting that the perceived wrong ending worked. I feel a bit let down without ‘closure’ or a shock at the end. I guess that’s why I love writing a twist at the end of most of my stories. I’m setting this one a side for a while to let it ‘marinade’ as another blogger put it 😉


  15. Anna Belfrage / May 22 2014 2:08 pm

    i generally know how things will end well in advance, but can struggle for days with how to convey it.


    • diannegray / May 22 2014 2:37 pm

      Ahhh – you’ve hit the nail on the head, Anna. That’s my problem. I know how it should end (a couple of ways) but it’s conveying it that is the issue! Thank you 🙂


  16. harulawordsthatserve / May 22 2014 4:39 pm

    Beginnings and endings…soooo important, in life as in writing. Take all the ”marinating’ time you need – it will be worth it. I re-read Island by Aldous Huxley recently, and although it was an excellent ending in many ways, it made me so utterly furious!!! I find it a very hopeful novel in general, but the ending just whips away all that hope right from under you quite unexpectedly. May you find an ending that lingers in the readers mind for all the right reasons:-) Love and hugs, Harula xxxx


    • diannegray / May 23 2014 8:37 am

      I love the connection you make to beginnings and endings in life, Harula – what a very intuitive and wise soul you are 🙂

      Love and hugs to you too my friend xxxx


  17. mrscarmichael / May 22 2014 7:50 pm

    never never never the last option. If a novel’s great a good ending is icing on the cake. If it’s poor and ‘was all a dream’ I feel most put out.


    • diannegray / May 23 2014 8:39 am

      LOL – I could just say ‘and then she woke up’! Such a classic line 😀


  18. ramblingsfromamum / May 22 2014 8:04 pm

    You made me laugh start at the end and work backwards, oh you’re serious sorry 😦 all good books should have a wonderful ending, but sometimes the ending can be…meh and I would shake my head and said they could have written a better ending. If the story itself was written well, I can usually forgive though. I wish you luck choosing your ending, I am sure it will be the right one 🙂 so as usual I’m not that much help 🙂 xxx


    • diannegray / May 23 2014 8:40 am

      You’re always a good help my dear Jen xxx I should just read some more of your poetry to get some inspiration! 😀


      • ramblingsfromamum / May 23 2014 10:11 am

        Nawww, well depending on the ending, as you know me and what I write..all over the shop! I thank you kindly though, have a glorious day in your part of the country. We have grey and rain and the heater is on 😦 xxx


      • diannegray / May 23 2014 11:17 am

        It’s overcast here and 23 degrees. I’ve got my dressing gown on, but no slippers 😀


      • ramblingsfromamum / May 23 2014 11:27 am

        Lol I have uggs and dressing gown…MUST get into the shower going to the hairdressers to get all perty lol xx


      • diannegray / May 23 2014 11:39 am

        Oh, lucky you! I wish I was going to the hairdresser. Feeling very frumpy today 😦


      • ramblingsfromamum / May 23 2014 11:39 am

        PFFT go way with you, you are GORGEOUS 🙂 xxx


      • diannegray / May 23 2014 5:24 pm

        Awww – thank you 8)

        Just mowed the lawn – I’m still procrastinating (LOL) 😉


      • ramblingsfromamum / May 23 2014 7:26 pm

        Go and write that ending woman, obviously you have finished the lawn by now..I read this late 😦 xx


  19. bulldog / May 22 2014 8:41 pm

    For a book to be good it must have the ending that makes you want to pick up the authors next novel… a good beginning that makes it difficult to put a good book down must have an ending that makes one say “DAMN I didn’t want the book to end!” and that I reckon is what takes you back to seek the next book… only my opinion…

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    • diannegray / May 23 2014 8:42 am

      This is exactly right, Rob! I couldn’t have put it better myself – and it’s great to see you back! xxx


  20. pommepal / May 22 2014 10:42 pm

    Oh yes Dianne I love a good, satisfying ending with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed. I find nothing more annoying than being left in the air to make your own mind up about the end. It is as though the author has lost the plot and leaving it to the reader is an easy way out….


    • diannegray / May 23 2014 8:44 am

      Ahhh – very interesting point. I’ve seen this a few times with books and movies and when I’ve reached the end I’ve thought, ‘what the hell was that all about?’ LOL. I wouldn’t like someone saying that after reading one of my books 😉


      • pommepal / May 23 2014 9:34 am

        I’m sure they don’t say that about your books Dianne… 🙂


  21. Peter / May 22 2014 11:10 pm

    The ending is the THING!


  22. danpentagram / May 23 2014 12:06 am

    Your epilogue in The Everything Theory was epic!


    • diannegray / May 23 2014 8:46 am

      Awww – thank you, Dan – this means so much to me. Comments like this make all those years of struggle and hours of writing and edits all worth while xxx


  23. Roy McCarthy / May 23 2014 12:19 am

    Dianne you never let us down in the endings department, that’s for sure. If any of your followers haven’t read your short stories collection there are plenty of denouements there that have one laughing with surprise.


    • diannegray / May 23 2014 8:48 am

      What a beautiful comment, Roy. Thank you so much my friend xxx


  24. avwalters / May 23 2014 1:13 am

    I never have a problem with endings. I am not caught up in the idea that the ending needs to wrap everything up neatly–with no loose ends. Life isn’t like that. It frees me up to let the ending be true to the story and characters. It’s a novel, not a sitcom episode.

    I do like the fact that pondering the ending (or direction) of a tale give time to keep up with the housework. And, those blooming sugar canes are incredible. We, here in the north, never think about the idea that the canes actually bloom.


    • diannegray / May 23 2014 8:50 am

      You know when I’m frustrated because all the housework gets done (LOL) 😀

      The flowers on the cane are spectacular this year. I think it’s a mixture of the cyclone and the cool weather. I’ve never seem them this prolific. The farmers will be happy!


  25. gabrielablandy / May 23 2014 3:39 am

    For me my perfect ending is one that doesn’t tie everything up. Alice Munro has some beautiful final paragraphs, which almost feel like the beginning of a new story, but also cast some shadow back on what has gone before.


    • diannegray / May 23 2014 8:52 am

      I love those kind of endings. I haven’t read any Alice Munro, Gabriela – but I’m thinking I might just have to do that now 😉


  26. Janna G. Noelle / May 23 2014 9:40 am

    I haven’t written too many endings yet in my short time as a writer, but I recognize how important they are in ensuring the reader is given a satisfying experience. Like some of the other commenters here, I like an ending that ties up all the major story threads, but I don’t mind if some of the subplots aren’t fully resolved as long as all the questions pertaining to the main plot are answered.


    • diannegray / May 23 2014 11:16 am

      I think I’ve got this obsession with endings because I started my writing career with short-stories. You’ve got very few words to play with in a short-story and wowing the readers at the end is as important as pulling them in at the beginning.

      I’m getting there today – YAY! 😀


  27. char / May 23 2014 10:38 am

    I’m trying to finish the ending of my 3rd book right now and it is almost worse than giving birth. It’s so hard to choose the BEST ending…so good luck.

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    • diannegray / May 23 2014 11:19 am

      Haaaaaa! Oh my dear Char. You just made me laugh out loud! Almost worse than giving birth – that’s what I should have named this post! LOL. I’ll be giggling all day over this comment. Best of luck finding your ending as well my friend xxx


  28. Sheila Morris / May 23 2014 12:35 pm

    Yes, I cannot ever write a good ending to anything! And I am so pleased to see that you indulge in the same activities I use to procrastinate. We are F-A-M-I-L-Y! Have a great weekend and oh yes, how fortunate you are to be able to watch sugar cane in flower. I am limited to pine and magnolia trees and they grow ever so slowly. 🙂


  29. Polysyllabic Profundities / May 23 2014 12:42 pm

    I know too many people who read the end of the book before the book. I, thankfully, am not one of those, but I do love a good ending. Can’t wait for the new book!!


    • diannegray / May 23 2014 5:29 pm

      Oh no – reading the end is such a no no for me. Although I do understand why people do this – they want to make sure it’s okay before they invest time in it 😉


  30. ocdreader / May 23 2014 1:28 pm

    You are doing the right thing. Your brain will work on it while you play around! I swear. My math teacher used to tell me that – so it must be true, right?
    LOL – good luck! It will come to you at just the right time


    • diannegray / May 23 2014 5:32 pm

      Just mowed the lawn. My father-in-law walked over and asked me why I was mowing with the push-mower and not the ride-on (it’s five acres). I said I just need to do something physical so I can think. LOL (I think he thinks I’m nuts) 😀


      • ocdreader / May 27 2014 1:32 am

        lol – he might be a little bit right! But nuts isn’t necessarily a BAD thing. That is what I have to tell myself all the time anyway… 😀


  31. jannatwrites / May 23 2014 3:26 pm

    I think the distractions will give your mind a chance to settle on one of the three options you have in mind. Sometimes endings come naturally, other times, I struggle with finding a proper ending. I may not be able to find the right ending sometimes, but I sure can recognize a crappy ending when I read one (an ruin the whole reading experience!)


    • diannegray / May 23 2014 5:35 pm

      Ah yes, Janna – ‘the crappy ending’ is the bane of every readers existence! The distractions seem to be working – I’m thinking clearly now having just mowed the lawn (LOL) 😉


  32. restlessjo / May 23 2014 4:59 pm

    I just stood head high in those flowering sugar cane, Dianne. Fabulous! 🙂
    My life is one long distraction! Whenever I put the laptop on, somebody invites me to ‘follow this link’… and before I know it the time I was going to spend ‘doing’ is gone. No willpower, some folks 🙂 But you always make me smile.


  33. restlessjo / May 23 2014 5:04 pm

    I’m back to say that I found some ‘must reads’ in there too 🙂


  34. cestlavie22 / May 23 2014 9:27 pm

    I love a good ending but I will say that a bad ending doesn’t ruin the experience for me. Sometimes I think we need to realize things don’t end the way we want them too and that can happen in a novel as well.


    • diannegray / May 24 2014 6:13 am

      Ahhh – that’s exactly right. It would be great if we had this control of beginnings and endings in life like we do when we write 😉


  35. helpwithyourlife / May 24 2014 12:57 am

    Congratulations on all your success Dianne! Your books sounds fantastic, and well received from the sound of the comments written about them. So true, that a great ending is a wonderful way to end the journey the reader is taken on throughout the book. No doubt, your creativity will bring about the best conclusion, after giving yourself some time away from it for a few days. 🙂


    • diannegray / May 24 2014 6:15 am

      Thank you so much on the congrats, Cathie. It’s wonderful to know that others are appreciative of the work you’ve put into something and I’ve had some fantastic comments here 😀


  36. anotherday2paradise / May 24 2014 1:46 am

    I’ve not written a book yet, but I can well imagine that deciding on the ending must be quite difficult. I do love a good ending to a novel, but if it doesn’t end well, it’s a bit too late to do anything about it, as I’ve already paid for the book and spent a lot of time reading it. 😀 It’s much worse with movies. I absolutely hate it when the ending lets me down after sitting there watching it for two hours or more. 😦
    What gorgeous views you have from your house. Have a great weekend. xx


    • diannegray / May 24 2014 6:21 am

      For some reason I’m quite fussy about the way I end my books – it may come from starting my career writing short stories because they “have to” wrap up nicely 😀

      Endings in movies are also really important and I feel like I want that time back when a movie ends and I think ‘what was that all about?’ LOL The best ending I’ve seen recently in a movie was The Life of Pi – fantastic 😀


  37. Denise Hisey / May 24 2014 2:51 am

    Looking forward to checking out your excerpts, Dianne.
    Best wishes on a home-run ending for your new one!!!


    • diannegray / May 24 2014 6:22 am

      Thank you so much, Denise! I think I’m getting there 😉


  38. bluebee / May 24 2014 12:26 pm

    I have a novel in mind which has an ending (but that’s as far as it’s got, haha)

    My husband bought me the entire collection of the ‘Breaking Bad’ series, and I’m so enjoying it. I’m fascinated at how they come up with the content of each episode and how they end each one with something unexpected. It’s a really shocking story all round, but so compelling because the writing is so good. I wish I could write like that.


    • diannegray / May 24 2014 6:40 pm

      Is the Breaking Bad series in book form – or just a tv series? (I watched some of the tv series and it was awesome!)

      Having a novel in mind is a great beginning. I hope you pen it one day (I’ll read it) 😀


      • bluebee / May 25 2014 9:56 am

        Thanks for your vote of confidence.😄

        ‘Breaking Bad’ is only in TV form as far as I know. Love the plot twists and dark humour in it.


      • diannegray / May 26 2014 6:26 am

        It has a load of surprises that you don’t see coming. I really liked the parts I saw 🙂


  39. moderndayruth / May 24 2014 4:34 pm

    Dianne, i’ve read the excerpts from “Wolfpear” and “Let Sleeping Gods Lie”; i’ve commented there – you are a master, both texts are truly engaging, there is no distance between the reader and the text – it’s
    as if the reader is present in the plot, or even becomes one of the characters! Great work! I don’t doubt the newest book will have a breathtaking ending too! Btw, i don’t believe in procrastination in writers – i believe we are waiting for the perfect moment, when all the stars in the sky (and what not ;)) are aligned, so to write that PERFECT ENDING… Oh, and the pics you shared with us – you do live in paradise i must say!
    Lena Ruth


    • diannegray / May 24 2014 6:45 pm

      Thank you so much my dear, I love the fact that the stories engaged you. This is what every writer loves to hear (I’m smiling a lot right now!) 🙂

      And you are so right about the perfect ending. The stars aligned today and I’ve completely changed the ending and I love it! Had I rushed and gone with the ones I was thinking of last week they wouldn’t be nearly as good. When the universe speaks, I listen 😀


      • moderndayruth / May 25 2014 7:22 am

        That’s so cool, DIanne! Congrats on writing the ending! And AMEN to listening to the Universe 😉


  40. liamodell1 / May 24 2014 6:09 pm

    Hi Dianne! Sorry I haven’t stopped by in AGES. How are you? 😀

    Endings are really important for me as a reader, there has to be a really nice sense of resolution, or a shocking cliffhanger that makes me want to read more.

    Agents say the same and get a mix of both. They often like books that can work as a stand-alone, but also have series potential…

    As for me, I always have a rough idea as to where my book will end when I start planning.

    Hope you are well!

    Liam 🙂


    • diannegray / May 24 2014 6:37 pm

      Hi Liam! Great to see you here 😀

      I have a rough idea how the book is going to end it’s just conveying it and making sure I time it right. I got stuck into it again today and if I keep going the way I am I should finish it tonight! Woo hoo – celebrations (until I start the editing process) 😉


  41. Naomi Baltuck / May 25 2014 4:58 am

    Hi Dianne,
    I do SO believe a satisfying ending is important. I couldn’t believe it when I read this post. I am sitting on a novel with three possible endings, and two of which I am torn between. Have considered writing all three and putting out as a choose your own adventure for adults!


    • diannegray / May 25 2014 6:26 am

      LOL! I was thinking exactly the same thing, Naomi! A choose your own adventure would make it a lot easier for me. Best of luck with your endings – I’m still struggling a little, but I’m getting there 😉


  42. Britt Skrabanek / May 26 2014 3:28 am

    A good ending is crucial to any book or film. There is nothing worse than feeling a sense of emptiness at the end of something, especially when you liked the story the whole time.

    Usually the ending pops into my head pretty early on in the game. Then, I just connect the dots. : )


  43. lacunakittie / May 26 2014 12:43 pm

    I’m stealing your use of the word “pondering”. Also you’re right to think long and hard about the ending. Sometimes it’s the ending that makes or breaks a novel….. also, that’ll teach that van to park there!!!


  44. susipet / May 26 2014 4:38 pm

    Love the images. Good places to procrastinate
    I’m always amazed by his interesting very dull tasks can seem when avoiding doing something else!


  45. jaykaycee / May 26 2014 5:43 pm

    Write all three endings and then I’ll choose one when I proof read 😛

    That sugar cane does look tall!


    • diannegray / May 27 2014 6:40 am

      Thanks so much, Jen. I’ve actually chosen an ending now. I just need to read through the story (haven’t done that yet) 😦 and then I’ll send it to you on Monday if that’s okay – I’d love your thoughts on it! Very much appreciated 😀


  46. Letizia / May 27 2014 12:08 am

    Whenever I am marking papers (I am a professor), the house suddenly becomes spotless as I start doing the laundry, the ironing, polishing the floors, etc. I could identify with you on that, haha!


    • diannegray / May 27 2014 6:42 am

      LOL! That’s SO true, Letizia. I even mowed the lawn on Saturday! But I did get the story finished yesterday and had a glass of wine to celebrate last night! woo hoo 😀


  47. dex / May 28 2014 6:35 am

    Endings are tough. I struggle with making them good without making them too neat. I hate it when I read a book and absolutely everything gets tied in a little bow at the end. I want the end to feel real, and when resolution is 100%, it doesn’t. That never happens in life.

    That said, I’m sure you’ll pick the right one! 🙂


    • diannegray / May 28 2014 7:20 am

      I’ve finished it now (I hope – but it may change after I send it to the beta reader) 😉 I’m glad to have it out my hair for a while so I can focus on the next one 😀


  48. Alarna Rose Gray / May 28 2014 9:39 am

    Cleaning is a great source of inspiration! Washing up is one place I get a lot of ideas, and endings tend to just appear out of this kind of musing. I’m pretty frustrated with myself though, because the best ending I ever came up with is for a manuscript I stopped writing. It’s still sitting there in the recesses of my laptop, poking fun at me.


    • diannegray / May 28 2014 9:45 am

      Oh no – get that manuscript out, Alarna and don’t let it poke fun at you any more 😀

      Cleaning is something I do when I’m stressed (or I have visitors coming). You’re right though, it’s also a great source of inspiration 😀


  49. jmmcdowell / May 29 2014 5:58 am

    Add me to the group that loves a good ending. I’m always disappointed by a book that does so well up to that point—and then falls flat or runs against everything that was written before then.

    When I choose cleaning over writing, you know the writing isn’t going well! 😀


    • diannegray / May 29 2014 7:34 am

      LOL – I’m the same with cleaning and writing. I even mowed the lawn before I finished the story (yes – *clink of champagne glass here*). It’s finished! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • jmmcdowell / May 29 2014 7:57 pm

        Woohoo! That much closer to us being able to read it!


  50. Daphne Shadows / May 30 2014 3:37 am

    I cannot STAND it when there isn’t a good ending. Especially when I’ve been loving the book so far. No pressure. 😉
    I’m sure you’ll do fabulously.


    • diannegray / May 30 2014 5:45 am

      Thank you, Daphne (I hope I do fabulously)! No pressure at all (LOL) 😀


  51. Zen A. / Jun 1 2014 10:50 pm

    A good ending is absolutely important for me. If I read or watch something that I invest my emotions and time in, I ultimately feel incredibly cheated if the ending is not good enough.

    I wish you all the luck in coming up with a good ending – though I do not doubt that you will – because I myself find it difficult to come up with them!


    • diannegray / Jun 2 2014 4:01 pm

      I always worry about the ending, Zen. I’ve written one for this story now and hope it’s okay 😉


  52. EJ / Jun 4 2014 7:00 pm

    I can’t bear an ineffective ending: I’ve really enjoyed some books only to find the ending so frustrating that I’ve never wanted to read them again. I like to know the ending before I start writing any stories – long or short – as it works like a lodestar navigating me through the story. When it’s missing, I lose my way!
    Glad you’ve got an ending you’re happy with now 🙂


    • diannegray / Jun 5 2014 5:59 am

      Thanks EJ 😀 I’m really happy with the ending as it stands, but I have very fussy Beta readers who may think otherwise (but I hope not!) 😀


  53. billyraychitwood1 / Jun 14 2014 12:26 am

    You will pick the right ending! No doubt in my mind… All the best.


    • diannegray / Jun 14 2014 5:59 am

      Thanks so much, Billy Ray. It’ll be interesting when I get my story back from beta readers to see what they think 😉


  54. Hazy Shades of Me / Jun 17 2014 12:00 pm

    A good ending is a must! It’s a real let down when it falls short. It’s awesome that you take it so seriously and spend so much time making sure it’s right.

    Good luck!


    • diannegray / Jun 18 2014 5:43 am

      I’m waiting on my first test reader to let me know if it works or not (fingers and toes crossed!) 😉



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