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May 19, 2013 / diannegray

Book Review: Soul’s Child

Marsha Ingrao - Always Write

Soul’s Child, the 2012 award-winning spell binder by Dianne Gray, unearthed and explored a love/hate relationship between co-dependent father and daughter after the accident in which Aurora Jones’ mother and younger sister died, and left Aurora in a coma for three weeks.

The accident also gave Aurora an insatiable and uncontrollable urge to draw unnaturally realistic scenes she had never experienced.   Although she hid her drawings, her father, originally Mervin Oswald Jones, discovered their secret meanings, and began to capitalize on them.  Mervin legally changed his name to Clive Soul, and created a Hollywood TV show, Soul Search,  to “prove the reality of precognition, ghosts and demons.”  The show totally destroyed her trust in her father, when she learned he would do anything to take possession of her drawings.

Throughout the book, Aurora sought true friendship, and struggled to find those she could really trust in an…

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  1. avwalters / May 19 2013 12:09 pm

    Congratulations on yet another great review. Keep up the good work.


  2. EllaDee / May 19 2013 12:34 pm

    Interesting point of view in Marsha’s review 🙂


  3. nrhatch / May 19 2013 1:16 pm

    Intriguing review, Dianne! I’m so glad that your readers are spreading the word about you way with words. 😀


    • diannegray / May 19 2013 2:20 pm

      Thanks, Nancy. It’s nice to know my books are being read (and people are liking them – I guess that’s the icing on the cake) 😉


  4. ocdreader / May 19 2013 1:19 pm

    Nice review! I have been thinking it is about time I read another one of your books as a treat to myself. 🙂


    • diannegray / May 19 2013 2:20 pm

      I love the way you call it a ‘treat’ – that’s the best compliment I’ve had all year! 😉


  5. tchistorygal / May 19 2013 1:30 pm

    Thanks for reblogging, Dianne. 🙂 Loved the book! 🙂


    • diannegray / May 19 2013 2:21 pm

      I’m so glad! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review 😀


      • tchistorygal / May 20 2013 2:45 am

        People are loving it. But now the deal is that I’m almost to the end of your books. I’m going to start on Maddie’s next, and some of Char’s recommendations. AND I can’t WAIT for RUC to get finished so your next masterpieces will get finished. 🙂


  6. Rebecca Bradley / May 19 2013 4:48 pm

    The book sounds wonderful! A great review.


    • diannegray / May 20 2013 5:53 am

      Thanks for coming by, Rebecca – I really appreciate it 😀


  7. adinparadise / May 19 2013 10:43 pm

    It’s a compelling review, Dianne. The storyline sounds really fascinating. I shall put this one on my kindle list. 🙂


    • diannegray / May 20 2013 6:03 am

      Thank you so much for coming by and reading, Sylvia 😀 I’m very excited the book will be going on your kindle list! 😀


  8. Jill Weatherholt / May 19 2013 11:52 pm

    Great review, Dianne. Yes, you’re books are being read and we’re loving them…so keep writing! 🙂


    • diannegray / May 20 2013 5:57 am

      Thank you so much, Jill! What a wonderful comment 😀


  9. Jacqui Murray (@AskATechTeacher) / May 20 2013 2:26 am

    OK, I’m half way through and can say it’s a weekend-ruiner. Meaning, I had plans to be productive, now I’m reading.



    • diannegray / May 20 2013 7:23 am

      LOL! So glad you’re enjoying it, Jacqui! 😀


  10. Janna G. Noelle / May 21 2013 4:11 am

    Dianne, all your books have such unique and interesting premises.


    • diannegray / May 21 2013 6:07 am

      I seem to write a completely different story under a different genre every time I pick up a pen! It makes for a very interesting life 😉


  11. T. W. Dittmer / May 21 2013 12:44 pm

    Nice one, Dianne. She recommended it for mature readers, though. I’m not very mature, but wonder if I dare? 😉


    • diannegray / May 21 2013 2:36 pm

      LOL – it doesn’t contain ‘mature’ content, but it does have some unusual ideas about ghosts and demons 😉


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