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July 2, 2014 / diannegray

Herb garden magic

My writer’s nook sits at the back of the RUC. It’s a lovely little covered veranda with beautiful views of the mountains and sugar cane fields.

I love gardening and pottering around the 5 acre yard searching for fresh fruit and vegies, but I’ve been spending so much time writing my novels lately (yes – YAY) that I began to feel a little disconnected from the garden. My solution? Plant some herbs on the sill of the writer’s nook.


The picture below is what I now see when I look up from my computer screen (without the words, of course)… 



…and when I look to my left I see this


Are you wondering how they’re growing up so high?

I took the following photo from outside


I bought some metal planters from the hardware shop, screwed them onto the timber wall outside and then sat the herb pots inside them. Cool! :D

The writer’s nook is next to the kitchen (hmm, handy!) so when I’m cooking I can just grab some as I go.

And the smell is AMAZING!

Do you use herbs or have any herb cooking tips for me?

Have a great week!

June 27, 2014 / diannegray

What is twerking? What is love? What the…?

I was surfing the web while eating breakfast the other morning (Vegemite on toast – very Aussie) when I happened to stumble across Google Trends/Top Charts.

I went to a page called What did the World Search for in 2013? (Australia). I then looked at the title What Is? The #1 search term recorded by Google for 2013 was What is twerking? The #2 search term was What is love?

I had a bit of a giggle and was not sure what to make of it. I’ve asked the universe (not Google) a few times in my life what is love? but I’ve never asked it what is twerking?

So I joined in the party and Googled What is the difference between twerking and love? To my absolute amazement there were no answers – what’s the world coming to?

In America the top search terms were #1 What is Twerking and #2 What is Ricin (I’m hoping this is just a Breaking Bad influence and not a sinister trend).

In the UK the top search terms were #1 What is Twerking and #2 What is my IP

In Canada the top search terms were #1 What is Twerking and #2 What is fracking

Can you see a trend here?

Other interesting stats:

Top searches that start with How To

  1. How to Draw 
  2. How to Kiss

Top searches that start with Did

  1. Did Turtleman die? 
  2. Did Jesus exist? 

Needless to say, the top trending searches for 2014 are mostly related to the World Cup.

So I decided to look through my (all time) site stats to check out the top search terms.

Drum roll…

#1 Dianne Gray (lucky that’s my name)

#2 Laughing cat (okay, this is weird)

#3 Snake (it’s getting worse)

Try it out, you may be surprised (and weirded out like I was).


The cane harvesting season has now started, bringing a flurry of activity to the farm. Our sugar cane hasn’t been cut yet, but I’ve got the camera on the ready to share with you once they start.

Until then, for your viewing pleasure I happened to capture this magnificent rainbow the other morning. It’s odd how the light below the rainbow is brighter than above it, but this is exactly how it looked.


Let me know if you have any strange search terms in your stats

Have a great week all!


June 22, 2014 / diannegray

Location, Location, Location: Dianne Gray and Wolf Pear


In case you haven’t seen where I live, check out Francis Guenette’s latest post. She writes about the books she has read and how the location influences writers. What a fantastic idea!

Originally posted on disappearinginplainsight:

Cover of Wolf Pear

Today, I am delighted to welcome Dianne Gray to my Location Series. I’m not sure how I came upon her novel, Wolf Pear, but wow, am I ever glad I did. Location leaps off the pages and I defy anyone to read this novel and not want to travel to the places this Australian author so skillfully describes. You can find out more about Dianne’s novels by visiting her website. You can also keep up with her doings by taking a hop over to her blog.

Take it away, Dianne! 

Every morning I look out from my house and think, how could anyone not write about this place?

1 View from back of house

2 View from front of house

I live in a small country town in Tropical Queensland, Australia. The main produce is sugar cane, the scenery is spectacular, and the townsfolk make incredible characters.

Small sugar cane trains chug along the countryside and the fields are lush and…

View original 1,004 more words

June 19, 2014 / diannegray

Freebie, pitcher picture and anniversary

Just a quick update to let you know my novel Let Sleeping Gods Lie is free on Amazon until Sat 22 June. Pick up a copy, I promise you won’t be disappointed. This novel is set in Australia and the scenery is based on the land around the farm where I live. The story is about a man called Nick who returns home to visit his estranged family of cult members. Nick has a demon on his back and the closer he gets to the truth, the harder it is to shake it off. For some reason I have no reviews on Amazon for this one (there are reviews on other sites) so if you decide to read it, please feel free to leave a review.

The other day when I was wandering around the garden I noticed my Pitcher Plant was in bloom. It’s an odd looking thing!



Do you like chilli plants? While I was hacking my way through the rainforest of my yard weeding the other day I found two Bird’s Eye chilli plants. I’ve picked some of the chillies and am going to infuse them in oil to add to anything I feel like eating HOT!

Chilli 004


I received a notice from Word Press on Monday congratulating me for my 2 Year Blogging Anniversary.

Whoopee – congrats to me! 

June 4, 2014 / diannegray

What is your life theme?

I’ve finished my latest novel The Devil Seam and have sent it off to my first Beta reader for comment. Thank you to all those who encouraged me (and cracked the whip!) when I posted about the pain of finding a good ending. I finally found an ending I loved after a week of cleaning, mowing, sanding and painting!

There is a scene in The Devil Seam where the two main characters have a short discussion and differing opinion about the theme of a certain book. I’m sure you all know what a theme is – a universal idea or message carried through a book (music or art); a thread woven through a story which can be a lesson about life or humanity, good overcoming evil, survival, chaos and order, everlasting love, fear of failure (the list just goes on and on).

This got me thinking about life themes. When I finished the book a few friends came over to help me celebrate so I asked them about their life themes. If they had to describe a theme or thread running through their life, what would it be?

What an interesting discussion! At first there was a fair bit of thinking going on. This wasn’t something anyone could come up within five minutes, but during the course of the evening life themes began to sprout and grow.

The life themes that emerged were – fear of failure, overcoming loss, belief that true love conquers all, greed and downfall, faith and doubt, the search for truth, and the will to survive.

Have you ever thought about your life theme, maybe you have more than one?

Feel free to share your thoughts about life themes in the comments.

In the meantime I took another video of the morning birds from my veranda. I did it mainly to compare it to the last one to see how much the sugar cane flowers had taken over the countryside.

The first video was taken three weeks ago and the second was taken this morning. I couldn’t zoom in on the second one because the sugar cane flowers in the foreground made the trees blurry.

They’re only 30 seconds long and even if you don’t watch them, you can clearly see from the still shot what an amazing difference three weeks makes!

 I hope you have a wonderful week!

May 28, 2014 / diannegray

The Life Enthusiast Chronicles with Dianne

Featured Image -- 3731


The lovely and talented Britt Skrabanek posts a monthly series called The Life Enthusiast Chronicles. This month she has featured yours truly. Head on over and check it out :)

Originally posted on a physical perspective:

Last month blogger gal pal Kate Johnston revealed her passion for wolves, encouraging us to take a moment to think about how much we could save if we all fought for something wild. In my series, The Life Enthusiast Chronicles, fantastic humans from all over uncover what makes them passionate about life.

Today I’m stoked to bring you—all the way from Australia—Dianne Gray. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Dianne through the blogging universe. Along the way I have found a fellow writer with a heart of gold, someone I look up to very much. So far, of her many novels out there, I have only read “The Everything Theory”…and I was blown away. Beyond the amazing award-winning author that she is, Dianne is a terrific human who has a knack for making us laugh and cry as we read her blog which explores the beautiful transitions of life. She’s a Life…

View original 738 more words

May 22, 2014 / diannegray

Writing a good ending

While procrastinating pondering on the ending of my new book The Devil Seam I’ve chosen to do a lot of things I wouldn’t normally do (washing clothes, vacuuming floors, repainting a wall here and there, staring blankly at the sugar cane flowers, watching the weeds grow) – you know, the sorts of things that help put off the inevitable.

Cane flowers 009

View from the veranda – the sugar cane in flower!

View from the ground looking up - yikes it's tall!

View from the ground looking up – yikes it’s tall!

Don't leave your vehicle parked in my yard for too long, or nature will reclaim it

Watch those weeds grow! Don’t leave your vehicle parked in my yard for too long or nature will reclaim it.

I spend a lot of time thinking about the ending of my novels because I absolutely love a good ending. I also believe if someone is going to invest time and money to read a book, I really think they should get bang for their buck and feel like they’ve been thoroughly entertained when they read those last words. My greatest satisfaction is the thought of someone getting to the end of one of my stories and saying ‘WOW!’

There are about three good scenarios to end The Devil Seam and I’m trying to decide which one I should use.

In the meantime, the indecision on the ending is distracting me so much that I decided to set it aside for a few days and spend some time putting excerpts of my other novels on Goodreads and WordPress. They are only one or two pages long so if you’ve got a moment feel free to have a read.

Do you like a good ending in a movie or book? Do you find it hard to write endings, or do you start at the end and work backwards?


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