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Donna Jean McDunn

When I wrote Memories take us back – dreams take us forward I received a comment from Donna Jean.  It really moved me. This comment speaks for itself.

Hi Dianne, I stopped by to thank you for commenting on my blog and decided after reading your post I would comment too. You have a great bunch of people following you as I’m sure you are well aware. I’ve written about certain things in my past that have traumatized me. There have been two separate car accidents, the first in July 1968, claimed the lives of my brother-in-law, age 29 and his son, Danny, age 5. I was seventeen at the time and then two years later in May 1970 my two older brothers ages 33 and 23 were killed. Writing has always been an outlet for me whether it was something wonderful or something tragic, writing has never failed me. After I grew up and had three daughters, I realized how much my mom and dad must have suffered. I wish my mom and dad had talked more about their growing up years, but they didn’t and dad passed away in 1980 at age 80. Yes, he was born in 1900. My mom lived to be 86, she was twenty years younger than Dad. She passed away in 2006. You’ve made me realize I should be writing more about the good times when I was young. Thank you for that

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  1. Rick Mallery / Sep 11 2012 4:53 am

    Thanks for the post, Donna. I also tend to emphasize my darker and negative experiences. It’s a good reminder for me to lighten up sometimes! :-)


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