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When I wote We are oceans filled with light I recieved this very thoughtful comment from Rob (aka Bulldogsturf)

There is one thing I learnt, that seems now, so long ago… when I started writing articles on a site dedicated for it… I started as a way of teaching myself how to write, something I hated at school, being more of a mathematician than linguist. This site availed others to comment and read, I never joined that site for reads or comments, I joined it as a learning curve… however when I started to get comments I always answered them, feeling if they had taken the time to read I should take the time to answer… After 217 articles 65 000 reads and thousands of comments I decided it was now a full time job and left the writing… (I do have other things to do).. I then started to blog… to share my photos… and if one got a few comments wonderful… the point I’m making, is that here I have found a different audience and a different commenting style… here one is far more friendly and personal, and here one actually makes friends.
This has been far less pressurised and I enjoy being able to say what I feel… and when a comment is replied to, saying you “made my day/ smile/ laugh/ etc” one feels more connected…
I find myself reading not only the articles or posts or blogs call them what you will but the comments I’ve found just as enlightening and in many cases helpful to our own situation..
Dianne.. I’ve got a little off the subject, but by sharing others comments made, it is so helpful to those whose circumstances have not been expressed, but who get such help by the other comments that have been made…
I think by sharing these comments one can be so helpful… not all want others to know their circumstances…
Have I made a point here or have I just been verbose and more confusing..?


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  1. bittercharm / Sep 13 2012 3:43 pm

    Dear D,

    Few years ago when I starting writing as a critic, reviewing books and automobiles on a site, my only reason for keep on going, was to be able to have a certain member of that community to read and comment on my posts. That gentleman had fine taste and very developed skill on writing, he knew how to appreciate, encourage or simply give feedback. Back in those days if he was one of your regular readers, your work counted. Lucky for me that man is still in my friends list and he is the one who nudged me towards blogging world. However, I think somewhere along the path, I forgot about the impact of leaving/receiving comments, as I only left likes on what ever i read, thinking, that i was saving time to read more. Recently though, after joining a weekly virtual event for writers hosted by Madison woods at, I learnt that comments can be way more interesting and educational than the original text. So now, even if I have to restrict myself to reading just one post at a time, I try to read through all the comments and your blog here, feels like New York of the blogging world, for being the melting pot of great thoughts from around the globe.




    • diannegray / Sep 13 2012 3:56 pm

      Oh BC – this is SO lovely. The New York of the blogging world – can I put that on my CV? :)

      You are such an absolute gem :)

      Thank you for the link – I’ll be going in to have a look!


      • bittercharm / Sep 13 2012 4:10 pm

        Its a pleasure reading your blog, D!!

        After unsuccessfully finding your books in paper back, I think I will soon just get them online (I don’t like e-books much, they don’t give the warm feeling of a book)! Yet, I am excited about reading a book by someone i know, even if in virtual world!


      • diannegray / Sep 13 2012 4:24 pm

        Oh – I’m not very good at advertising if you can’t find them in paper copy, am I!

        They’re all available on :D


      • bittercharm / Sep 13 2012 4:30 pm

        Oh i am so embarrassed, I did not intend to imply that! Actually, here in Nederlands, English isn’t that widespread at least in the world of books, most of the books in English here, are used books imported from UK. That limits the choice a bit. Although all the major titles are available in Dutch and sometimes even in German and Mandarin and i am sure if I asked yours in those languages I may find them instead. but sadly my Dutch is bad and I am still learning basics of German… and Mandarin wouldn’t mean a thing, But I am off to that site now to order one, which one shall I get first… any suggestions?


      • diannegray / Sep 13 2012 5:12 pm

        My favourite is The Everything Theory :D


      • bittercharm / Sep 13 2012 6:42 pm

        Just got it in the e-book format. Couldn’t wait for the delivery!


      • diannegray / Sep 13 2012 6:51 pm

        LOL – you’re so sweet!


      • bittercharm / Sep 14 2012 3:48 am



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